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Nurse Quigg
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Putting on band aides.
Stopping a bloody nose.
Holding on to ice packs.
Giving out change of clothes.
Tirelessy healing all day long. 
Just to make sure that nothing goes wrong. 
Your kids are safe so never fear,
I jump to the rescue, Nurse Quigg is here!

Miss Vee
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Endless phone calls I will take,
Endless deadlines I will make.
Answering questions all day long,
Making sure nothing goes wrong.
Organization is beyond compare,
Knowing exactly what to find and where.
My smile greets you far and near, 
And tells everyone they are welcome here!

Principal Campos
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I wake up every morning as happy as can be,
Put on my super hero cape and come to school with glee.
I see my wranglers walk into school with smiles on thier face,
It brings me joy to know and feel this is thier happy place. 

Mrs. Martinez
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I check if you are here, I check if you are there,
I talk to your teacher to make sure you're in your chair
Your attendance is important so I hope you are in class,
if you are late make sure to stop by the office and get your tardy pass.
Documents, phones, records, I handle it all
Mrs Martinez is here for everyone just give me a call!

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